Hear me voice Ethenia

Visionaries - An Audio Drama - Season 1

New Short Play Festival

Season 7

Winner Best Play 

of the Season at the 

"New Short Play Festival "

New Short Play Festival 

Season 6

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress at

"The New Short Play Festival" for "Coping in America"

Winner Best Play: Chandler Clemens 

Winner Best Director: Chandler Clemens

Winner Best Actress: Marianne Goodell 

Nominated for Best Actress: Susan Jane McDonald

New Short Play Festival 

Season 5

New Short Play Festival Season 4


In 2011-2013 she founded Blue Curtain Theater, a non profit organization. Blue Curtain Theater served as a platform to bring actors, writers and directors together. Her events includes "Drinks for Words" where stage readings were held to give writers a stage and actors opportunities to be seen. 

Behind the Scenes - Street ZGame


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